Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

One of most visited places in San Francisco with over 210000 visits a year. We're open daily from 8:00 AM So, take out some time to adore the nature while riding these awesome bikes!

Ride the Golden Gate Bride and Everywhere!

Because Nothing Is More Fascinating Than Croossing the Bay over the Golden Gate Bridge in One of Our Bikes and Enjoy the Magnificent Views!

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Touring San Francisco by bike is an amazing activity full of rewarding moments that you will never forget. Our team makes sure that you can enjoy this tours or solo rides at the most!

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People who have taken our tour say that it was a thrilling and memorable experience.

I had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge so close to my eyes ever before. The experience was thrilling and I absolutely loved it. This tour was more like a therapy to me!
Jacob Lee
For full day safari
I visited San Francisco along with my family and all of us enjoyed every minute to the fullest. The bikes were so exciting to ride!. Also, our guide provided us every details about the city.
Marry James
For educational tour